SmartLight Aimed At Lock-Outs

Lock-outs can be a tricky matter, sometimes even in broad daylight. In poorly lit areas, or in the dead of night, they can become frustrating and time consuming. A south Florida company that specializes in lock-out equipment has offered a great solution for towing professionals.

Access Tools developed their ‘Smart Light‘ after hearing feedback about needing more light inside the vehicle cabin. The design uses four suction cups to attach the device directly to the windshield, flooding the interior by 24-LED lights enhanced by its mirrored dome.

The device is ideal for lock-outs, auto work or any job located in a poorly lit area. It’s more than powerful enough to penetrate even deeply tinted glass.

At AccessTools, they build for durability knowing it will be needed out in the field. As part of their quality control testing, they found the Smart Light could survive a 25-ft. drop onto concrete.

The Smart Light is powered by four standard AA batteries, and lists for $34.95.

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